Rome da Luce

New album, THE WILD WITHIN, now available everywhere online!!

A prolific member of the underground music & art scene in downtown Los Angeles, Rome da Luce is an award-winning singer/songwriter, performance artist, visual artist, and producer. As a solo artist, and as a vocalist/lyricist/instrumentalist in projects such as The Ruby Of Rome and Poor Yorick, Rome has performed extensively across the United States, in Europe, and in Asia. More recently with the release of his independently-produced solo LPs, Vainglorious & The Wild Within, Rome has broken into the festival circuit performing at Burning Man, Lightning In A Bottle, and Convergence Presents: Shadows Of Light. 

Through music, performance, and art, Rome finds both recognition and concealment. With an inimitable, passionate, unapologetic performance style infused with surprising moments of heart-breaking tenderness, Rome is permissive to his audiences. He invites them to let their walls down and be shamelessly vulnerable in the seeking of truth and service of love.

Rome's sophomore album, The Wild Within, recorded at Human Element Productions in downtown Los Angeles, is NOW AVAILABLE!! 

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